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coverage. bruce leshan is live in virginia beach. scott broom is live in ocean city where the wind anne and rain are picking up and of course howard is tracking the storm from the weather center. let's start with howard. >> the storm is staying off shore and weakening wind down to 85 miles an hour. the back edge of the rain is raining across anne arundel, eastern charles and st. mary's and calvert county but it will wind down shortly. the clouds have been back toward us keeping the temperatures at bay. in the low 80s. go to the radar and zoom in a little bit and you can see how the storm is moving in. it is almost even with cbs hictague here. i put the winds down with the radar. we will go to my night an you can see the storm had big winds. as we went through overnight they had more gusts. norfolk gusts of 28. through now, winds 32 hatteras, 22 norfolk. 28 ocean city. the winds mainly off shore. in fact this buoy here, north winds gusting to 38. that is east of fenwick island. that is where the heart of the heaviest winds are. still in ocean city with winds of 28 miles an hour and big w
of the weekend. >> reporter: now down to my colleague bruce leshan in virginia beach. >> the storm chasers may be disappointing that the storm is tracking farther out to sea and weakening, but there are people here at virginia beach who are happy. see back there the scaffolding, the port-o-potties, for the american music festival. and take a look. gloria gainer. reo speedwagen, pat bena tar, slated to take the stage this weekend, starting on friday, hours after earl is expected to blast through. the old saying you'll be lucky if you get married in a rain storm. this couple figures marrying with a hurricane coming is like hitting the lottery. >> i got married in sunlight. well i got married in a rain storm. yeah, well i got married in a hurricane. >> reporter: a cacophony of hurricane preps in the beach and dead quiet in the emergency center. managers are hoping that the track holds and earl slips by in the dark without waking the neighbors. but people here are haunted by the specter of hurricane bonnie in 1998. forecasts had predicted she would spare virginia beach too. >> we went home and dec
is bracing for flooding an power outages. let's go live there now. bruce leshan is in virginia beach. what are things looking like right now? >> this was forecast to be the height of the storm here about 6:00 a.m. the highest winds and sofa forth, but so far earl remains a prince. you can see i'm standing out here outside without a hand hat on an i'm getting a little wet but not too bad. hard to imagine in a serious storm that a boogie board would stay put for even a moment. look at the light and you can see the rain drops that are coming down. they are not completely sideways but withins of 20 miles an hour or more an the funny thing the sprinklers are actually on. must be on a timer because they definitely don't need the sprinklers. look at the videotape. this is video we shot in virginia beach as well as in atlantic on atlantic avenue. a lot of people from washington have condos down here. a lot of people have houses on sand bridge. if you are worried about them, at this point, the folks say they have not seen any significant damage or any significant flooding. earl is supposedly about
to norfolk, virginia beach. passing the delmarva tomorrow. midday tomorrow, yeah, it will be rough through noon. after noon things will improve as the storm heads to massachusetts where they are under a hurricane warning for cape cod. an then the storm will be out of here quickly. the next 24 hours will be the worst around here. but the weekend will bring big changes once earl passes. i will have those details in a few minutes. thank you. >>> so far governor o'malley says it is unlikely that ocean city will have to be evacuated but the government is advising drivers not to drive to or from that area during the storm. scott broom has the latest on preparations that are occurring there. scott, what can you tell us? >> i'm outside of the emergency operations center in ocean city where there is a 1:00 briefing of officials. they are on the same page as governor o'malley. you can feel a little humidity building and a little breeze coming in from the east. that's a hint of the tropics and aahing of what's to come. as i said earlier, ocean city officials had talked to us and barring any big chang
hariggan is in virginia beach, virginia, where they are awaiting earl's heavy rains and high winds. steve, what's it like so far? >> reporter: none of that rain hitting yet. the winds have gotten slightly stronger with gusts up to 30 or 40 miles per hour. they expect the eye of the storm to pass 100 miles offshore here in virginia beach. so they don't expect too much physical damage. 200 national guard troops have been moved to the coastline in case they are necessary and shelters have been set up for as many as 20,000 people. that doesn't look like it's going to happen so far. throughout the day, we saw people boarding up their houses with plywood or hard plastic. but a lot more cureiosity. even righted now, we have a number of people walking along the boardwalk or the beach. gusts of winds, but not a sense of impending peril here. some real concerns about the economic potential that this storm could bring, some major events scheduled for this weekend, a large concert and a large half marathon. so travelers expected here. they are going to have difficulty traveling throughout this storm.
steam. it's now a category 2 storm. we're going to show a live picture of virginia beach. the storm is just offshore there. sam champion is there. you see the waves kicking up. it was a little tough ride in north carolina. >> overnight, earl came within 85 miles of cape hatteras, with wind gusts up to 78 miles per hour. that is hurricane force. and it may be a sign of what's to come further north. over the next 24 hours, hurricane earl is expected to give a second punishing blow to eastern massachusetts. that's montauk right there. the waves have been very high there already. hurricane warnings are all up for cape cod and martha's vineyard and nantucket. boats being pulled from the water. shelters being set up in some areas. fema, sending supplies and telling people not to be lulled into any sense of security. >> being prepare said what they're saying. we have our correspondents in the storm zone, up and down the coast. we lead off with sam champion on virginia beach. hey, sam. >> good morning, george. good morning, elizabeth. this is a category 2 hurricane. there was some weakening
is in the weather center and steve hariggan is in virginia beach, virginia, where they are awaiting earl's heavy rains and high winds. steve, what does it look like now? we saw a wind situation. have you seen any more rain? >> reporter: no rain yet. you were talking about how the storm has developed over the past few days. we were down a couple of days ago in the u.s. virgin islands where we saw this as a much more powerful storm than we are feeling it here. in the virgin islands we were there and it was really strong enough to take roof its off of buildings and knock down trees, quite a bit of structural damage in the north eastern caribbean. real concern for life and limb. here in virginia, we are seeing a very different story because the storms moved so slowly, about 15 or 18 miles per hour, you can really leap-frog and keep up with it. >>> what are you hearing? are there people that left thinking the storm would do more as they come around and turn back. and this may be a great holiday weekend after all? >> it really depends on how travel goes tomorrow. it depends on how much rain is dumped
, rich reichmuth is in the weather center and steve hariggan is in virginia beach, virginia, where they are awaiting earl's heavy rains and high winds. steve, what does it look like now? we saw a wind situation. have you seen any more rain? >> reporter: no rain yet. you were talking about how the storm has developed over the past few days. we were down a couple of days ago in the u.s. virgin islands where we saw this as a much more powerful storm than we are feeling it here. in the virgin islands we were there and it was really strong enough to take roof its off of buildings and knock down trees, quite a bit of structural damage in the north eastern caribbean. real concern for life and limb. here in virginia, we are seeing a very different story because the storms moved so slowly, about 15 or 18 miles per hour, you can really leap-frog and keep up with it. >> it depends on travel and whether the flights go in on time. virginia beach was expecting a huge tourist weekend, both the american music festival with reo speed wagon set to play here as well as the rock and roll half marathon
that glove glancing blow of earl. emergency managers in virginia beach were worried that earl may slap them with a right hook. tens of thousands of tourists left before the big weekend but bruce leshan reports in hindsight they probably could have ridden it out. >> reporter: earl is just about out of virginia beach and they are getting back to business. the business here, of course, tourism. they are pulling away the sand berm they set up around the stage for the american music festival. tens of thousands of people, and they are expecting chicago, reo speed waggen and pat benatar. it kicks off tonight. call it dancing with earl. even at 3:00 a.m., people were out romancing the storm. in the darking winds gusted to a high of maybe 20 miles an hour. at daybreak, thed a venturous took to the beach. even walt waltzing in the water. awed by the waves and majesty of a hurricane that skirted far enough off the virginia beach ocean front to offer just a cares reinstead of a punch. >> it is something magic about being out there. >> oh, it is. very fresh. don't get it all the time. the wind feels gre
leshan. >> we have at virginia beach standing between two hotels, the berkeley towers and the spring hill suites. if you stand in this wind tunnel the ocean is back there it looks significant. we have the wind gauge up and you can see it is 28-point -- 26.2 miles an hour for the biggest gusts we are seeing here but little rain. i stuck a glass out here about a half hour ago and there's just a little credible of water in there. not much at all. if you walk to atlantic avenue, we can see that so far here in virginia beach, earl is no king. he is no prince. he's not even a duke. at this point he seems he's a bit of a pauper. come out and look at atlantic avenue, and you can see the lights are on. there are a few people out. there are a lot of storm chaser types that love to come out and check it out. but at this point a lot of them are feeling a little disappointed. this has been an economic hit for this community. a lot of tourists, thousands and thousand of them packed up early, took off out of the hotels and this is a big weekend. they have a half marathon down here an the american music
in north carolina as it moves away from the coast, it's going to continue to worsen at virginia beach as well as ocean city, maryland and cape maine, new jersey. the storm is at the bulk of it. you can see on the satellite, i'll loop it for you. the bulk of the system was well to the west. it's 100 miles east of virginia beach. it's the outer most bans on the western side coming through the areas on virginia beach. even the northern neck. it's a category two. it's going to pick up speed. cape cod and nantucket will get the worst of it before moving away. right now, northeast at 16 miles per hour. the watch and advisories remain up. i'm expecting, barbara, i know you are trying to make it there this weekend. winds 60 miles per hour in cape cod. we'll tell you what to expect where the showers are east of 95. >> did they say the islands off massachusetts could take a direct hit? >> not a direct hit but more rain. two to four inches of rain if not more in somexd areas. >> we'll check in with you again. hurricane earl could keep drivers home. you could avoid delays by traveling before noon
. evacuations there are already underway. we have live team coverage from north carolina to virginia beach and ocean city. we're going to start with scott broom live in o.c. scott. >> reporter: nice to talk to you tonight, they are now prepared here in ocean city with -- for what they foresee to be tropical storm conditions starting overnight tonight and into about the middle of the day tomorrow. the big news on the beach today is that they have restricted swimmers going in the water because of the heavy surf. rough surf and the danger of rip occurens has caused life guards to declare the water off limits. surfers except the as earl approaches. >> in the next 24 hour it's will get crazy. >> the beach will now be closed per se. there are restrictions for entry into the water. >> reporter: crews put up fencing to prevent drifting sand from burying parking lots and boardwalks. at marinas some boat owners pulled their craft out of the water. question for visitors is should they stay or go? >> i i'ming it's a really -- i'm thinking it's a really big storm and i kind of want to go home. >> i'm s
felt, but first bruce leshan is kicking off the coverage live in virginia beach. earlier you were seeing more winds and rain. what are you seeing now. >> still fairly light rain. although i'm getting slapped in the face a little bit and the wind is gusting up to maybe, 15 to 17 miles an hour. you can see the beechcrafts around me blowing good. there are all sorts of signs that say earl doesn't swirl here and so far he is well off the coast. i don't know how familiar you are with the geography but the outer banks stick pretty far east in to the ocean and we recede to the west and earl should remain 150 miles off the coast. look at video we shot a few minutes ago. this is the scene along atlantic avenue and the boardwalk in virginia beach. you can see the wind is blowing pretty good, but not much more than you would get in a decent regular storm, nonhurricane kind of storm in the summer. there are a lot of storm chases who come out. we saw people on the beach at 4:00 in the morning looking for earl and so far not seeing anything that impressed them too much, but there are thousands
center and steve hariggan is in virginia beach, virginia, where they are awaiting earl's heavy rains and high winds. steve, what's it like so far? >> reporter: none of that rain hitting yet. the winds have gotten slightly stronger with gusts up to 30 or 40 miles per hour. they expect the eye of the storm to pass 100 miles offshore here in virginia beach. so they don't expect too much physical damage. 200 national guard troops have been moved to the coastline in case they are necessary and shelters have been set up for as many as 20,000 people. that doesn't look like it's going to happen so far. throughout the day, we saw people boarding up their houses with plywood or hard plastic. but a lot more cureiosity. even righted now, we have a number of people walking along the boardwalk or the beach. gusts of winds, but not a sense of impending peril here. some real concerns about the economic potential that this storm could bring, some major events scheduled for this weekend, a large concert and a large half marathon. so travelers expected here. they are going to have difficulty traveling
of behr, glidden, . >> we want to take you now to virginia beach. bruce is there and how are the winds now? >> reporter: you can see it is very, very light. i actually found this boogie board. i have been able to hold this up throughout the winds here. we have had nothing here in virginia beach like we had saw down in north carolina, the outer banks. but we are getting some pretty good surf and you can take a look out there and see that there are people out checking out the storm, taking pictures, playing in the water up to their knees. and we are not sure what the impact of those waves is going to be. we are thinking we are pretty much in the clear but we will have to check with howard on that. the hope is we are going to see some sun here in virginia beach and no damage but some sun along about 3:00 or something this afternoon. back to you. >> chris it is good to see you were able to lose the jacket. now to howard bernstein for a look at the forecast. >> we are watching earl. bruce is in virginia beach right here, there's a heavy band just offshore, we are watching the rain into nor folk
to virginia beach, wave heights about five feet. so it's beginning to make its presence felt. let me show the satellite picture. it has weakened. the pressure has gone up. winds are down to 105 miles per hour. it's about -- >> the winds have slowed a bit to 105 miles per hour. certainly still powerful and we're feeling the effects now. a lot of gusty wind and some rain and the worst is expected in the next few hours. hurricane earl is slamming waves into north carolina's coast. the massive storm started moving closer as the sun went down. donna headed to the beach to capture its arrival. >> i wanted to see how rough the ocean is and just how angry it's getting. >> reporter: a hurricane warning meant evacuation orders for about 35,000 tourists and residents on the outer banks. the ketners were angry to see their vacation cut short. >> we were going to ride it out. but when they make you leave. >> reporter: business owners with no plans to leave boarded up with little time to spare. north carolina's governor says the state is prepared. she urged those riding out the storm to stay hunk erred
. >> this is the first time the city is allowing early voting. >>> still to come, we are live in virginia beach as residents baton down for hurricane earl. >>> and plus a look at evacuations taking place ahead of that storm. we'll be right back. there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that? >>> turning our attention to the latest on hurricane earl. the folks in the outer banks taking no chances tonight. it's sunny there, but mandatory evacuations are in effect for ocracoke and hatteras islands. closer to home, both maryland and virginia's governors have declared states of emergency ahead of the storm. our team coverage begins with scott broom in ocean city, maryland. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in ocean city, maryland, where they do not anticipate
a hurricane warning for cape hatteras. now it is a tropical storm warning from virginia beach north to ocean city and up the coast to new jersey orleans will -- where winds will likely gust up to 50 or 60 miles an hour. a coastal flood watch, because as the storm goes by, our tides will run 1-3 feet above normal. we will have a closer look at the track and the extended forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> team coverage of hurricane earl continues from ocean city where lowell melser or is live with more on what they are doing to brace themselves. >> we are enjoying a beautiful evening here in ocean city as the sun sets, the sea breeze giving us some ice conditions out here. really comfortable low humidity, and folks are able to enjoy themselves -- nice conditions out here. we have the mayor of ocean city joining us. we talked last hour and there were some things you wanted to point out. a lot of people are wondering, should i come down, and when? you are telling folks definitely come down, but may be planted out a little bit crude >> just common sense. it looks like the storm will arr
a lot. >>> also tracking this for us, we're in virginia beach giving us a look at conditions there. winds are whipping up, bruce. >> yeah, anita, it is hard to believe that we could be looking at tropical storm-force winds here and heavy, heavy rain and flooding in just about 36 hours from right now, because at this point it is a spectacular day down here in virginia beach. earl is about 800 miles behind me out to sea, and the expectation is that it will turn right just off of hatteras. the hurricane watch extends to the north carolina state line which is about 10 to 20 miles from where i stand right now. excuse me, the hurricane warning extends there. and we're in the hurricane watch area. there are red flags flying here. the surf is already dangerous. but as you might imagine, the surfers are having an absolute blast. it is a little bit flat right now, but the sets are about chest high and there are a ton of surfers out. come to the left unsee this giant sand berm they built here. you can perhaps see some of the kids that are playing here. this is a big, big weekend down here in
in the low 80s and the upper 70s. as far as the beaches in virginia are concerned, virginia beach and to the south do be careful. we have got some rip currents to talk about. here is a look at the five day forecast. a pleasant week. a dry cold front moves through on wednesday. 90 degrees on hump day. we will be warning up. back to the low 80s again. the only concern is the dry conditions and the drought possibility out towards the highlands. other than that, enjoy your labour day week. >> back to you. >> how well can you work a lassoo? >> you are watching a big group of mexican charros beating for a world record. they showed their skills at the rope for three minutes straight. organizers say this is a fun way to show off mexico's most traditional customs. this event is part of an event that draws cowboys from all over the world. >> the ter ps are preparing for their game tomorrow. >> lindsay murphy on deck. >> do you think the huskies will learn how to lasoo those cowboys? >> i like that. >> they had to cut players to get down to their 53-man roster limit. some will be members of
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about 200 miles east of virginia beach but governor bob mcdonnell is not taking any chances. he wants to go ahead and declare an emergency today just in case earl comes closer to making landfall so the national guard and state manual personnel have enough time to get in place if need be. fema is warning people up and down the eastern seaboard to prepare for possible evacuations ahead of hurricane earl. north carolina officials have already issued mandatory evacuation order for the outer banks beginning right now at 5:00 a.m. wednesday. so far virginia has not followed suit but governor bob mcdonnell is warning that evacuation orders are not out of the question for residents along the virginia coast. right now, the category 3 storm just downgraded from a category 4 is expected to brush the carolinas late thursday and then head north hugging the coastline but even without a direct hit on land, earl is still very dangerous. governor mcdonnell is warning there's some risk of tropical storm-force winds along the coast, minor flooding and a storm surge but at the very least it will be bri
miles off virginia beach. too close for comfort as it could send high wind, flooding, and a possible surge. >> the storms could speed up. you may think it is farther south and it could speed up on you and we don't want people being caught by surprise. >> fema is deploying response teams from the carolinas up to the state of maine. cape cod and experience much more of its wrath in new england. we should see it late thursday into early friday. >> these are pictures of its seen from space. an astronaut on the international space station took this picture monday morning. now you can look at how much bigger it is in this picture taken 10 hours after that first one we showed you after it became a category 4. you can track it any time by logging on to our weather web page at >>> defense secretary robert gates is meeting with u.s. troops at an air force base west of baghdad. he told the american legion from milwaukee that many of the iraqi problems are still not solved. as he arrived, hours after president obama's said the u.s. combat mission has ended. >> operation iraqi freedom is
earl will end up. many people remember back in 2003, let's take a look. this is virginia beach at the time. it was later september when hurricane isabel took over the mid-atlantic area, blasting virginia beach towns before moving up here to visit us. normally that would be a good thing but not considering the size of the storm, even though isabel's center was moving across western maryland and pennsylvania, its circulation was pushing water back up the bay causing epic flooding from annapolis to downtown baltimore. people were out there paddle boating to get around back in 2003. >>> and remember you can always get the latest on earl's path on our website,, we'll have the up-to-the-minute forecast and updates from anywhere earl has an impact. stay with us,, throughout the week. we'll have live team coverage from ocean city starting tomorrow until after earl has passed us by. >> five minutes after 6:00. people in one glen burnie neighborhood are upset, but to be honest anyone will be upset when you hear this story. police are looking for a man who raped
arrives in the outer banks of north carolina. also, eventually late tonight in virginia beach and norfolk. by the time we get to friday morning, the weather will quickly be going downhill from new jersey, maryland and delaware, so virginia beach up to toms river. then by friday night, the peak of the worst of it in southern new england and eastern new england will come during the overnight hours, especially out there on cape cod with long branch, the montauk, new london, connecticut and nantucket, that will be the bad stuff on the cape. that's where we could have some significant damage from earl. very powerful storm this morning. well, if you're watching us on wsfa 12 in montgomery, alabama, with the summer's end, check out flowers of all shapes and sizes at "summer blossoms: a bouquet for alabama" at the alabama artists gallery. and that's your "early today event of the day." lynn. >> bill, thanks so much. >>> now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. you probably heard who would be on "dancing with the stars" next season, but a hollywood reporter found out
governors declared states of emergency before hurricane earl. bruce la shan traveled to virginia beach where they're hoping for the best but prepping for the worst. >> reporter: the stage is set, the porta potties are out. this is supposed to be one of the busiest weekends of the year, but earl is knocking at the door, expecting hurricane force winds just about 10 miles south of here. here where i'm standing at virginia beach possibly tropical force winds and emergency managers are keeping an eye on scaffolding like this, wondering if they need to take down stages for the music fest because they don't want them to be javelins flying through the air. what are you going to do. >> ride it out. >> reporter: they're going to ride it out, but a lot of people are heading elsewhere. >> it's easy to minimize the fact you've got a big storm out there, and you think it's not going to hit and you've got plenty of time but the truth is, it's dangerous and it takes a lot of time to plan to get out. >> reporter: emergency managers are hoping that this storm will be out of here by late friday and that they
'm bruce leshan in virginia beach where earl is clearing out. the surf is up and there's actually already a surfer out there catching the waves that are over his head. they are taking stock here of the damage. one tree down. eight people without power. no major flooding. and down the way, they are setting up for the american music festival that starts tonight. reo speed wagon, chicago, pat pat benatar. they are hoping for a spectacular week. >> i'm scott broom in ocean city, maryland. the sun is already out for the holiday weekend but the precautions were worth the effort hurricane tossed oceans slammed against the sea wall in ocean city. how does it look out there. >> rough, very rough. >> reporter: but a hazard for the beach patrol, which is on duty to keep people off of flooded beaches. >> they call everyone off the beach. i guess they are afraid they could get swept away or something. >> ed today the good news is the ocean doesn't look inviting an people will stay out tomorrow is what we are worried about. the water will be treacherous. >> reporter: as for wind an rain not much of tha
. according to a survey by trip, virginia beach is the number one driving destination. atlantic city, number two, followed by owing city. philadelphia comes in at the fourth favorite driving destination for washingtonians and williamsburg rounds out the top five. >> what about sticking around hear? >> first of all, we'll be just fine for saturday, sun, monday. friday is the big day for us. we'll see winds locally 10 to 20-mile-an-hour and at the coast 40 to 50 miles per hour. we're talking during the break, guys in inaugurate, they're doing a lot of prep work up there. we've got some video to show you, by the time that system gets up to new england, it is probably going to be a category 1 or 2. a much weaker system than what the outer banks will get later tonight. the thing is we'll get some higher gusts coming through. a lot of damage and beach erosion. at the same time, for spots like cape cod and nantucket, they'll get a lot of rain up there. probably more than what the outer banks get. my forecast across new england, two to four inches of rain as you'll see in just a moment.
had to stop and gaze at the massive waves. now the report from virginia beach. >> reporter: this morning at the virginia beach ocean front, earl was really churning up the surf. the rough seas meant no one was allowed in the water. the pier stretching out into the turbulent owing was holding up strong as ever. choppy it is a got, the pier never wavered. earl did provide a little excitement for sightseers who ventured out in the wind and rain to get a closer look. >> pretty awesome stuff. it really is. >> earl gave jim a break from remodeling homes today. the rock jetty at the beginning of the boardwalk was the spot he chose to come out and get a glimpse of the hurricane. how long have you lived here? >> since' 72. >> reporter: a long time. you've seen a lot of storms. >> yep. >> reporter: what about this one? what do you think? >> this is a baby. it ain't going to do much. >> reporter: it was about 8:30 this morning when we stopped by the inlet, that danger sign saying it all. we're standing here looking across the rudy inlet at the northern edge there. the owing certainly
a dangerous storm. and we have team fox coverage. steve harrigan in virginia beach. jonathan serrie in kill devil hills, north carolina. first to the chief meteorologist rick reichmuth in the fox extreme weather center. rick, have you been saying it's going to lessen in intensity and it has. >> yeah. take that right-hand turn which is also good news. all of our graphics located because this information comes out and take as second to get that going. this is a look at earl here. one other thing come out in the advisory to me is a little more interesting is calling the movement at 10 degrees instead of dew north. earlier 355 we were saying and dew north. slight easterly jog and that's what you want to see in the direction of this. so we still have a hurricane advisory going on. we have our warnings in effect in the north carolina, virginia border down towards bogue inlet. we will see likely hurricane wind gusts going through here and also winds coming out of the north. that is going to cause for overwash of those roads and this outer bank area. but, from the sound side, not necessarily from t
are we doing in march? >> we're going to do the marathon in virginia beach virginia beach -- in virginia beach called the shamrock. >> the rock 'n' roll -- >> no, that's another one. the shamrock has both the half and the full. >> the funny thing is, fred keeps northeast straight. so we're training for that. as part of that training we're doing the 5-k he's also doing the rely in the baltimore marathon. in preparation for those things, besides the cardiothat we're doing together and what he's doing on his own, we're doing resistance exercising, because at 85, there is muscle mass. one of the things fred does is knowing where your body is in space and time when you age. fred, show them your squat, please. fred does these great. he's going to position his feet underneath his knees, and he's going to stand up, but not pushing against the chair. believe it or not, he's going to slowly sit back. >> this might be easy for anybody to do. >> tap it. he keeps going with it. this exercise is incredibly difficult. but for most folks at this age, they will turn around and have to look where they are
near virginia beach. sort of a glancing blow last night as it brushed the outer banks. 105 miles per hour sustained winds at the center. the western side is starting to affect ocean city. you can see some rain on the shoreline. it will be a little bit turbulent for the next couple of hours and then things will improve. you can see the weakening. there is no definable eye right now. this one from 140 miles per one 28 category 2 at 105. we have a squeeze play taking place. a cold front will push it further to the northeast. it is moving at 18 miles per hour. behind this front, a huge game changer. we have much cooler conditions headed for us this weekend. we have been above 90 degrees for 55 degrees. we will drop into the 70's this weekend. -- for 55 days. it will pass by ocean city by about 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. it maybe will clip long island and that ultimately nova scotia it and will be out of the scenario for the weekend. there is a small craft advisory with those gusty winds up to 25 knots. after high tide, just a little bit above normal, so the coastal flood advisory was canc
. and then during the morning hours on friday, it will be east of virginia beach, perhaps right around 8:00 on friday morning. and then by noon time just east of ocean city, by 2:00 p.m. friday just off of cape may new jersey, and even though the center of circumstance hags will be off the coast, the tropical storm force winds will certainly be felt right along the atlantic beaches and then affecting new england. look at all the tropical storm watches and warnings that are up. this is a hurricane warning, this red zone around the outer banks from virginia beach all the way town through north carolina. farther to the north, this is a hurricane watch for our atlantic beaches along the shore of the -- from delaware all the way down through virginia shore line, that is a hurricane watch. and the likely effects from the storm, very wet ocean city on friday with tropical bands of heavy rain coming in. tropical storm force winds. for us this morning, we have temperatures around the region in the 70s. 77 in washington, and beef got a huge area of high pressure, so plenty of sunshine today. we'll
tonight. steve harrigan, virginia beach. charmin scedy live in chat that mass morris. first to kill delve hills in north carolina and our jonathan serrie is standing by. what do people there say they are expecting? >> well, shep, i have been using my pocket wind meter clocking winds right now 26 miles per hour. understand the brunt of the storm is still hours away. residents here are hoping that the storm will only sideswipe the outer banks but they anticipate there is a very good chance that the storm will move further inland and that they may be experiencing tropical storm force winds easily but quite possibly hurricane force winds in excess of 74 miles per hour, shep. >> shepard: how confident are officials there in north carolina that everybody is as ready as they are going to be for this thing? >> state officials are very confident that people have taken the proper precautions by and large the tourists who have been urged to evacuate the outer banks have already left and local residents who decided to hunker down, we watched them as they stocked up at local grocery and hardware store
a hurricane watch as well from rehoboth beach down, essentially uh, to the virginia, north carolina border. that's a hurricane watch and also a tropical storm uh, warning. so, a no mandatory evacuations in virginia beach just yet, but plenty of people are clearing out of the way. bruce leshan is live down in ocean front, bruce? >> reporter: hey, topper, this family is among those who are not clearing out. check it out. they're about to get married right down here on the beach. they say you're lucky your major is lucky if you get married when it rains and they said they must have hit the lottery. >> like shakespeare, captain mark hodges figures discretion is part of valor. he's planning to ride out earl on dry land. >> 60 miles, you know, would be very risky if you break down, nobody's going to want to come get you and you're stuck out there in the middle of a hurricane. i'd be sunk by midnight, probably. >> thousands of tourists are packing up the kids and boogie boards and leaving the ocean front early. >> we're heading back to indiana one day early. we're going to skip out one day. >> do
at the radar, it is raining really hard. they are getting wind driven heavy rains from virginia beach down to nags head. those areas of yellow and orange, the center of circulation of earl is just about 40 or 50 miles to the east of hatteras. but the heavy rains are coming in inland and slamming the beach area there. our local radar not showing rain here but there are a few sprinkles in the northern neck of virginia and bay. some of the rain will be arriving into ocean city in the next hour. and earl, here's the wide view continues to advance to the north. it's a category 2 storm. the winds have decreased since yesterday morning at this time but still a powerful storm moving north-northeast at 16. it will take it up towards new england. closer view of the track showing it will be further out to sea. there's still going to be enough tropical storm force winds, maybe 40 to 50-mile-per-hour gusts at ocean city later today. we'll have temperatures climbing in the mid to upper 90s. and breezy tomorrow near 80. looks like a great labor day weekend. how's the traffic? >> we're starting you off wi
-mile-per-hour. by 8:00 a.m. it should be act 100 miles offshore of virginia beach. still nearing us here in ocean city. a -- we'll see some big rollers coming in here. i'm anticipating waves of 10-12 feet. i'm joined by chris. he has been out here this whole time. you're at an emergency preparation meeting this morning. what is the general mentality? >> responders were happy to hear that earl made that turn off the course of north carolina. they are piecing tot what that means for ocean city. they are still making the assumption and the preparationses for tropical storm force winds to come through here. they are thinking that will start later this morning. already we have seen police officers already clearing people off of the beach and reminding people to stay out of the water. let's take a look at the advice. >> well, the recommendization the storm is going to be here during the day. use common sense. stay out of the stosm. ride the storm out and when the sun shines come on out and do what you need to do. >> yesterday, lifeguards cleared swimmers out of the water. as you heard, sw
they are bracing. the hurricane could reach 200 miles off of virginia beach, enough to produce minor flooding, have the wind, and a possible storm surge. forecasters don't believe it will make direct landfall. it is supposed to approach early friday. by saturday it should reach new england, where it is more likely to have a direct impact on places like cape cod. courtney robinson reporting. >> you can track girl any time onto president obama announced an end to the u.s. involvement in iraq or anti pay tribute to the u.s. men and women fighters and said it's time to turn the page. >> the president's bill, does president bush used in 2003 to declare war on iraq and the incidents over -- and then president obama has now said it is over. >> the american combat mission in iraq has ended. >> it was not mission accomplished, but the suggestion of a promise fulfilled. >> this was my pledge to the american people was a candidate to this office. last february i announced a plan that would bring our combat brigade of iraq while doubling our efforts to strengthen iraqi security forces and s
. >>> a teenager in virginia beach is recovering this morning after being treated for a suspected shark bite. it happened yesterday afternoon in virginia beach. officials say the bite wouldn't around the y's leftnkle and knee were consistent with a shark take. in 2001 a 10-year-old richmond bo died after being bitten in the shark in he very same area of virginia beach pup covered that story. >> it was a scary time for folks down near the beach. >> right now metrobus operators and mechanics are being put to the test. >> early morning exercises are evaluating their skills for your safety. this is the metro rodeo. happening in landover, maryland. derrick ward is headed out to the rodeo. what your seeing out there? >> rorter: a lot of buses and cones actually pretty interesting to watch. take a look. the actual rodeo began hereith metro and since spread internationally. the driver who does the best here will go on th represent metrobus in the internatial rodeo and it's something that's gained popularity over the years pup see a bus right now is going through its paces. one of the things it has t
a bit, virginia beach is less than 100 miles from earl's approach of land and it escaped the high winds and flooding that hit the outer banks. >> still a light drizzle here in virginia beach but we are expecting the sun shortly. they are taking stock of the damage one tree down, eight people without power, no major flooding. call it dancing with earl. even at 3:00 a.m., people were out romancing the storm. in the dark, winds gusted to a high of maybe 20 miles an hour. the rain just sprinkled down. at daybreak, the adventurers took to the beach, even waltzing in the water. awed by the waves and imagine imagine industry that skirted the ocean front to offer a cares reinstead of a punch. >> it is something magic about being out there. >> very fresh. don't get it all the time. the wind feels great. >> reporter: by 7:30, the wind had shifted. earl was sucking it back out that way, and if you look at the swells, you can see how the wind was blowing the foam out to sea. the wind blew northeast in gusts as high as 40 miles an hour. the biggest threat now the waves an the tide which may eat up p
, there is a tornado warning in effect until 5:45 around the virginia beach area this morning for virginia beach, norfolk and the eastern city of chesapeake. so that is a tornado warning in effect down to our south and east. now, let's get to hd radar. i just want to mention while we are atalking about these tornado watches that are in effect, this is how widespread the system is. tornado watch is in effect for portions of the district of columbia, delaware, maryland, new jersey and the costal waters. we are particular will you currented about our friends in anne arundel county, calvert county, places like that where they continue to see -- look at annapolis, right now under the gun. cape st. clair under the gun with very heavy rain. they just keep getting the heavy rain. it has been consistent there. other parts of the area, you have heavy rain and lighter amounts of rainfall. most of the washington area is getting heavy rain. all of the areas in yellow and orange that you see, getting heavy rain. bethesda, mclean, vienna, arlington. that is what we're watching this morning. right now, current
a category 2 hurricane. it is well offshore. the spiral bands are heaviest around virginia beach. our impact will likely be minimal today. ocean city will be the most affected. you can see some light spiral bands starting to affect ocean city. earl is now moving to the north northeast at 18 miles per hour. it will take a more northeasterly turn later today. it will hit the southeast coast of new england. not a lot going on here. you can see the core of earl and the squeeze play taking place. it will push earl more to the east north east. it will take a good turn. it has weakened. we kind of botched a bullet. i have more coverage for you on that -- we kind of dogs dged a bullet. >> and oil rig exploded in the gulf of mexico. all people on board survived. there is no sign of an oil leak. >> a temporary cap on the bp damaged oil well has been removed. inis followed an explosion o april. the cap began begin officials want to examine the blowout preventer. >> 73 degrees on tv hill. coming up, the morning's financial news in the bloomberg business report. >> kia joins the recall list. details are
that it could take just enough energy away from virginia beach, ocean city, the delaware national sea shore through long island, take enough of that energy and push it just far enough east that, well, damage could be minimized. we're not going to call this an all clear by any stretch of the imagination. there have been a couple of changes in our favor. tim williams will expand and then fiona and gaston. we can't ignore how hot it s we tie a record for temperatures above 90. tim will have a full plate coming up shortly. now back inside. >>> now alex demetrick is in baltimore county with more on how the state isgoering up for the storm -- is gearing up for the storm. it will go to a level three. that will bring in agencies from the national guard guard to state highways to public utilities. the governor and cabinet members were briefed on the impact. during isabelle a strong storm surge caused widespread flooding. that does not appear to be at play this time. >> what you're looking at is some of the bay water may be thrown out because as the hurricane gets near us, it's supposed to pick up th
and virginia beach's for tonight and tomorrow. this includes the outer banks of north carolina. this pushing off friday and by 10:00 a.m. it will be away from ocean city. some of the outer rain bands may affect ocean city. we of the front later in the day, but that will probably be generally dry and in our area. 92 today, 88 tomorrow, 79 saturday, 78 sunday. what a beautiful weekend monday is beautiful, too. maybe brain chance by next wednesday. -- rain chances by next wednesday >> dr. kim hammond is due to answered the pet questions. >> really fine dog. little tough in this environment with the heat. >> i can tell. he is laboring to breathe a little bit. he is a cutie. >> the answer is that it is definitely possible, and you could definitely see a veterinarian. they could have heart disease. some people use febreze or a lot of those kinds of things. that can cause breathing problems in cats. we get a lot of these questions. i would be more than happy if you called me at the falls road animal hospital. problems are about the same. you want to identify the agent causing the problem, and maybe
at unemployment rates, housing costs and traffic. detroit is the most stressed out city. virginia beach and salt lake city had the lowest stress levels. coming up, martin luther king memorial controversy. who is working on the site has upset some people. >> just another beautiful day. how many more will we get? doug hill is back with your forecast. >> mike shanahan speaks out and is very definitive. the nationals and the metts battle it out on street. >>> there is a new controversy surrounding the martin luther king memorial to be placed at the national mall. the controversy is not over the memorial but over who is assembling the sculpture. >> i think they should be hiring americans. >> we are doing everything we can to provide -- to bring chinese in does not make sense. >> americans were disgruntled. the memorial will be erected by the chinese. >> the human rights violations have smacked in the face of what dr. king stood for. >> a skilled chinese sculptor was selected to carve a grand. a sculpting team was planning over to -- planning to come over come up but one analyst said it is an accepted
125 miles east of virginia beach, by 2:00 p.m. about 125 miles due east of ocean city. that is when we can expect some of the biggest effects. a tropical storm warning is in effect for the peninsula and the beaches along here. we have occurred came watch. -- a hurricane watch. more detail, coming up. >> thank you. amtrak announced that hurricane earl oil is impacting some of their areas. the delays and cancellations are expected to continue through saturday. if you have a trip scheduled, call ahead. the storm could not have come at a worse time with so many vacationers already settled for labor day. thousands more are anxiously waiting to decide. a state of emergency is the last thing they want. chris continues the coverage from ocean city. how are people handling this uncertainty? >> some are trying to understand the today before the storm arrives, but having to work around the city crews who are standing up things like this fence. this is just one example of preparations across this part of town. >> yet, i am a little scared. >> a deceptively calm start to the day in ocean city as pr
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